Electric-power sector concentrates on consolidating material, technical foundations

The thermal power generation sector further consolidates material and technical foundations for electricity production.

The Pukchang Thermal Power Complex pushed the readjustment and reinforcement of generating facilities to produce materials needed for the maintenance and repair of equipment by building heatproof cement and insulating brick production processes. It also wound up the overhaul of various boilers by contriving and introducing technical innovation plans to enhance their heat efficiency.

Irrigation system for vegetable farming completed in Pyongyang

Farms in Pyongyang have installed irrigation facilities in several thousand hectares of fields and newly built or repaired hundreds of pumping stations so as to increase vegetable production in a sustainable way despite the continued extreme weather conditions like drought and intense heat.


Meritorious Person of Socialist Patriotism

The number of people who are called Meritorious Persons of Socialist Patriotism is increasing in the DPRK.

The title is awarded to those who unassumingly leave remarkable traces of life with pure conscience and inexhaustible passion.

Consumer goods show features local products

A consumer goods exhibition was held in North Hwanghae Province.

The province organized the exhibition for the purpose of contributing substantially to improving the people’s livelihood by stimulating the production of August 3 consumer goods.

Defence Development Exhibition instils confidence in victory, courage

The Defence Development Exhibition Self-Defence 2021 have been visited by many people including officials, lecturers and students in the field of national defence science and education, military schools at all levels and universities in Pyongyang between October 15 and 17 amid the daily-increasing zeal for the visit to the venue.

Visitors felt deep reverence for the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea which is bringing about a new turning point in strengthening the defence capability of the country by leading the great cause of building a powerful and prosperous country to victory and glory.

Young Koreans hold dancing parties

Youth and students held dances in different parts of the country on October 17 to celebrate the 95th anniversary of the formation of the Down-with-Imperialism Union by President Kim Il Sung.

The dances of Pyongyang young people were held in the plazas of the Arch of Triumph and Pyongyang Indoor Stadium.

Woman ranger manages forests by succeeding her husband

If you visit Taechon-ri in Rinsan County, North Hwanghae Province, you can see mountains covered with pine-nut, chestnut, Changsong larch and other trees.

The dense forests produce large quantities of wild fruits and timber every year to greatly contribute to the economic life of the county as well as the ri. Such a success is unthinkable apart from the efforts of the late Merited Forest Ranger Kim Tok Bae.