Flower immortal with name of great man


Kimilsungia in full bloom.


    Innumerable flowers are growing on the globe. Some are symbolic of countries and nations, others represent beauty and passion, still others mean peace, blessing and the like.

Humanity loved and sanctified flowers so much, but few flowers were named after and dedicated to a great person.

Kimilsungia is the flower to which the first Indonesian President Sukarno gave the name of President Kim Il Sung in humblest reverence for him when it was newly bred by a botanist in his country.

When he visited Indonesia in April 1965, President Sukarno guided him to Bogor Botanical Garden that boasted of nearly 200-year history.

Receiving a potted flower from the director of the botanical garden, he asked Kim Il Sung what he thought of it.

Deep pinkish purple and butterfly-shaped petals, blooms on flower stalks hanging like a crescent moon evoking noble emotions, stems with nodes as hard as bamboo and fresh green leaves, all of it were beautiful and attractive.

He replied it was very beautiful and thanked him for showing such a wonderful flower, highly praising the botanist who bred it for the success in his research.

Sukarno told him, as he already had decided, that they wanted to call it after him.

He politely declined his offer, but President Sukarno was eager to dedicate this beautiful and rare flower to the great man. Hence the birth of Kimilsungia.

For the profound meanings and exceptional beauty the flower has, it has widely been spread across the oceans and continents and fully bloomed in many countries beyond the DPRK and Indonesia over the past five decades.

It was officially registered in the international orchid society in 1982, establishing its reputation as a renowned flower recognized by the world horticultural society.

Chairman Kim Jong Il published a work Kimilsungia Is an Immortal Flower That Has Bloomed in the Hearts of Mankind in the Era of Independence to mark the 40th anniversary of the naming of Kimilsungia, in which he called it the flower of the sun which symbolizes the greatness of President Kim Il Sung and a national treasure, referring to the need to pass it on generation after generation.

Boundless respect of the Korean people for the great leader kindles growing enthusiasm for the cultivation of the flower. As a result, large numbers of it have been propagated every year and the Kimilsungia festival takes place as an annual event to highlight the Day of the Sun.

Kimilsungia greenhouses have been opened in several countries and a growing number of flower fanciers and personages in the US, Japan, Germany and other countries are now devoting their time and energy to its cultivation.

It has enjoyed utmost popularity among floriculturists and flower fanciers in world horticultural expos and exhibitions as a natural beauty and a lasting reminder of a peerlessly great man.

It was awarded Gold Prize, the top honour at the 2006 China Shenyang International Horticultural Expo held on the largest scale in the new century. It also won diplomas of the most valuable exhibit prizes, special prizes and gold prizes at the 7th 2009 China Flower Expo, 2011 Xian International Horticultural Expo and 2014 Qingdao International Horticultural Expo in succession.

Kimilsungia will be handed down forever as the flower in praise of the great man along with the name of President Kim Il Sung who lives on in the minds of progressive humankind as the veteran statesman in the 20th century for his great ideology, great leadership ability and noble personality traits.

By Jong Sun Bok PT