DPRK’s famous spring waters

Ryongaksan Spring Water

Pyongyang is home to healthy spring waters.

The typical one is at the foot of Mt Ryongak in Wollo-ri, Mangyongdae District.

The mountain is called “Mt Kumgang in Pyongyang” for the mysterious harmony of singular towering peaks, full-blooming flowers, dense forests and glorious tints of autumn foliage.


Packs of bottled water roll out at the Ryongaksan Spring Water Factory.


The spring water there has been renowned since olden times. The place name “Wollo-ri” derives from the meaning that lots of people enjoy longevity as they drink the water.

It wells up from the depth of over 70 metres under the foot of the mountain.

It ideally contains a variety of mineral substances and major ions good for health including calcium, magnesium, strontium, metasilicic acid, chlorine ion and sulfuric acid ion.

In particular, it appropriately contains selenium and fluorine.

It is slightly alkaline with its pH being 7.47. Fluorine protects teeth and selenium, metasilicic acid and strontium are effective in preventing heart disorders, cancer, cerebrovasular diseases, chronic colitis and arthritis.

Bottled water is produced at the modern Ryongaksan Spring Water Factory.

The products are supplied to service networks in Pyongyang.

The water was certified by SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services Co., Ltd on three occasions including in June 2015.


By Chae Hyang Ok PT