Migratory bird reserves inscribed in intl wetland list

The migratory bird reserves in Mundok County, South Phyongan Province, and Rason City have recently been put on the Ramsar wetland list and acceded to the Ramsar Convention.

The convention dedicated to wetland protection was adopted in 1971 in Ramsar, Iran and its secretariat with over 170 member nations around the world promotes the protection and rational use of all wetlands.

According to an insider, several rounds of survey confirmed that the reserves fully meet the Ramsar standards.

They are rich in biodiversity and have favourable natural and geographical conditions for the living of migratory birds.

The Mundok migratory bird reserve (designated in 1995) is inhabited by 22 endangered species of water birds and white-fronted goose and several other species of waterfowl accounting for over 1 per cent of their population in the East Asia, if not in the world.

In particular, over 120 species of more than 80 000 waterfowl including duck and snipe make a stopover in the reserve in spring and autumn.

It was registered as an East Asian-Australasian flyway network site last April.

The Rason migratory bird reserve (designated also in 1995) serves as a habitat for over 30 internationally endangered species of migrants and 15 species of water birds like mute swan accounting for over 1 per cent of their regional or world population.

The DPRK acceded to the East Asian-Australasian Flyway Partnership in 2017.

Having set more than 30 areas on the east and west coasts as migratory bird and wetland reserves, it has taken strict measures for their protection and contributed to the conservation of global ecosystem and environment.

By Jong Tang Song PT