Russia censures NATO’s expansionist policy

The chairman of the International Affairs Committee of the Russian Federation Council criticized the expansionist policy of NATO in a recent press conference.

Since NATO began to enforce the policy, the areas under its control have increased 34 percent with a dozen countries joining the bloc, he said.

The new members are jumping on the bandwagon to contain Russia in various forms, he said, citing the European missile defence system as an apparent example.

The appearance of a new NATO member nation near the Russian border will bring forth due response and it will be included in the military plan of Russia, he warned.

While criticizing NATO for causing new problems in dealing with terrorism, multi-national crimes and drug traffic, urgent challenge and threat to European countries, he asserted it is unable to suggest a real solution to any of the problems.

Therefore, NATO’s expansionist theory itself is of little significance, he noted.

The Pyongyang Times