DPRK, Russia and China hold negotiations and issue joint press release

Deputy foreign ministers of the DPRK, China and Russia had three-party negotiations on October 9 in Moscow, Russia.

In the negotiations they spoke highly of the proactive efforts the DPRK has directed for peace and stability on the Korean peninsula and reached a consensus of views on the importance of taking corresponding measures to maintain the present positive trend of the Korean peninsula situation.

They also agreed to continuously strengthen communication and cooperation to build a lasting and durable peace mechanism on the Korean peninsula and rationally settle all issues of mutual concern. A joint press release was issued in this regard.

In the joint press release the three parties referred to the fact that they have reached a consensus of views on settling all issues concerning the Korean peninsula in a peaceful, political and diplomatic way and expressed support for the negotiations between the DPRK and the US and between the north and south of Korea for allaying each other’s concerns and improving relations.

And they reaffirmed their will to denuclearize the Korean peninsula and establish a peace mechanism in it and shared the common understanding that such processes should proceed in a phased and simultaneous way while giving precedence to confidence-building and that they should be accompanied by corresponding measures by the countries concerned.

The joint press release also noted that while paying attention to the significant and practical steps taken by the DPRK for denuclearization , the three parties reached a consensus on the need for the UNSC to set in motion the process of adjusting anti-DPRK sanctions in time.

It said they made clear their common stand against independent sanctions again and discussed in detail the necessity for strengthening bilateral and multilateral cooperation between the relevant countries in order to establish a lasting peace mechanism on the Korean peninsula.

Compiled from KCNA