WPK spares nothing for people's wellbeing

It is the standard of calculation for the Workers' Party of Korea to spare nothing for the people's wellbeing.

From the first day of its founding, the WPK has set it as the overriding principle of its activities to steadily improve the people's livelihood and devoted its all to their wellbeing.

The history of the WPK run through with the spirit of devoted service to the people on the principle of absolutely prioritizing their interests is the one of the peerlessly great men's love for the people.

President Kim Il Sung visited Sangso-ri of the then Anju County in South Phyongan Province in autumn of 1976. He personally figured out the grain output of the farm and the expense for drawing water of Lake Yonphung into the farm. This work in calculation was like employing a steam hammer to crack a nut, but he took a state measure to draw water of the lake 10-odd kilometers distant from the farm.

In the late 1970s, Chairman Kim Jong Il acquainted himself with construction of a yeast workshop at the Pyongyang Wheat Flour Processing Factory. When an official showed a disposition to put it off for the tight financial difficulties, the Chairman said that nothing should be spared for the people's wellbeing.

Monumental edifices are now springing up like mushrooms after rain in the country under the energetic guidance of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un who is working heart and soul for the people's happiness, true to the great leaders' noble intention.

Some years ago, an official in charge of the design for the Munsu Water Park reported the Supreme Leader on the construction expenses. The Supreme Leader said that we should spare nothing for the good of the people and guided the whole process of its construction.

Thanks to the WPK's standard of calculation for prioritizing the people's interests, the projects for sprucing up Samjiyon County at the foot of Mt Paektu and building the Wonsan Kalma coastal tourist area and the Yangdok hot-spring tourist area are being pushed forward at fast tempo in the country.