True colours as wrecker of peace can never be covered up

According to media reports, the commander of the US Marine Corps said in a recent seminar that they have continued to wage combined drills with south Korea and made public that the drills had mainly been staged in cooperation with an expeditionary unit of Japan-based US marines and the south Korean marines. He declared that they would wage a combined drill with the south Korean marines in Phohang and around five islands in the West Sea of Korea this autumn.

Earlier, some US military officials also recognized that combined special warfare drills had continued to be conducted between both sides.

It shows that though the south Korean authorities talk about the “handshakes of peace” in front, they have waged north-targeted joint military exercises constantly in collusion with the US behind the scene.

The combined drill is a typical north-targeted war rehearsal in simulation of landing operation and special warfare against the DPRK.

In retrospect, the south Korean warmongers, obsessed with an anachronistic confrontational conception, have persistently committed acts of military provocation against the DPRK in league with foreign forces even after the publication of the historic Panmunjom Declaration. They kept staging joint military exercises, which are similar to the previous ones in terms of content and character, under the deceptive signboard of “change of name” and “reduction of scale” and shipped in sophisticated war equipment from abroad in large quantities in a bid to launch a preemptive attack on the north. The continuation of such exercises is part of betrayal.

The south Korean authorities only pay lip service to “détente” and “confidence-building”, and the continuation of war games against the north in collusion with foreign forces is giving rise to serious concern and indignation of the Korean nation at home and abroad.

Such reckless acts only reveal their true identity as a wrecker of peace.

By Choe Yong Nam PT