KAPPC chief warns against US’ anti-DPRK moves

The US is more desperately resorting to the hostile approach towards the DPRK, misjudging its patience and tolerance, said Kim Yong Chol, chairman of the Korea Asia-Pacific Peace Committee, on Sunday.

Such remarks came after the US ambassador to the UN accused the DPRK of its self-defensive military buildup measures at the recent meeting of the First Committee of the 74th Session of the United Nations General Assembly, saying that the US would not blindly enter the negotiations with the DPRK and the latter should come up with a new approach for its final and fully verifiable denuclearization.

The US is persistently pressurizing other countries into implementing the UN’s "sanctions resolutions" and is leaving no stone unturned to get the anti-DPRK resolutions passed through the UN General Assembly, using its satellite countries, Kim Yong Chol said.

The US strategic forces commander nominee, speaking at the Senate, called the DPRK "a rogue state", and the hawkish US military reportedly plans exercises to deal a nuclear strike to the DPRK, he added.

This shows the US is intent on isolating and stifling the DPRK in a more crafty and vicious manner, far from responding to the latter’s call for a change in its calculation method, he noted.

DPRK-US relations could have been almost derailed or twisted several times due to such hostile acts and wrong practices on the part of the US, he said, attributing the current maintenance of bilateral ties to the rapport between Chairman Kim Jong Un and President Trump.

But there is always a bottom line, he noted, and the rapport is neither immune to the public mindset nor be a guarantee of preventing or offsetting the deterioration of the bilateral relationship.

The US trumpets the crucial measures the DPRK has taken to build mutual confidence as its own "diplomatic gains" but there is no substantial progress in bilateral relations that are even now most likely to turn to warring ones, he said.

Kim warned that the US is badly mistaken if it tries to stall for time till the year-end exploiting the close ties between the top leaders of the two countries.

And he added that he does not hope such a diplomatic saying that there is neither permanent foe nor permanent friend would change into the one that there is a permanent foe but no permanent friend.