Symposium sheds new light on Palhae

A symposium on the history and culture of Palhae was held at the Sci-Tech Complex on Thursday.

Attending the symposium were researchers, teachers, journalists and editors and those engaged in heritage preservation.

Speakers explained and proved the history and culture of Palhae which had played a big role in the development of Korean history that exalted its name as a thriving country in the East at that time, true to the Party's policy of national heritage preservation.

Palhae, one of the feudal states in Korea, was a thriving country in the East which developed the politics, economy and military for over 200 years and held its position as a country that inherited Koguryo, they said.

In the light of the size of the earthen castle in Songsang-ri and its building method recently discovered in the area of Kim Chaek City, the structure pattern of the group graves in Thapha-ri and remains there, mural tombs in Kumsong-ri, Hwadae County and others, it was proved that the area of Kim Chaek City was a provincial administrative unit in Palhae, they noted.

They expressed their resolutions to intensify scientific research work and fulfill their responsibilities and duties for unearthing much more excellent national and cultural heritages created by the Korean people and developing them.