Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un inspects women's company under KPA Unit 5492


Kim Jong Un, chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea, chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and supreme commander of the armed forces of the DPRK, inspected a women's company under Unit 5492 of the Korean People's Army.

The company located at the remote seaside on the southwestern front tells an impressive story about Chairman Kim Jong Il who was proud of servicepersons of the women’s company who asked about President Kim Il Sung's good health among others, missing the President awake or asleep, showed warm loving care for them and said he would make time to visit the company surely whenever an opportunity presented itself, pointing out he would not forget their voices of loyalty showing their pure heart for a long time.

The company is also associated with the leadership feats of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un who three years ago took a special measure for a month-long intensive education for the company commander as she failed to properly command artillery firing at the artillery company firing game of the KPA and organized an intensive company training later so that the company had an honor of taking the first place at the Second Master Gunners Prize Game.

Noting that as he visited the company without notice on an ordinary day, the company servicepersons were on duty for the defence of front with heightened vigilance, he expressed great satisfaction and praised them for their efforts.

He got acquainted with the woman commander of the company in the military exercise and still remembers the company commander who made an impressive speech at the Fifth Meeting of the Company Commanders and Company Political Instructors, he said, and inquired of her about health and family life.

Conducted by the company commander and company political instructor, he made his way to the monument to the field guidance of Chairman Kim Jong Il.

He visited the company associated with the undying leadership exploits of Kim Jong Il who had been proud of and put forward the servicepersons of the forefront with pure and clean heart of loyalty and filial devotion, wishing the President good health and comfort, awake and asleep, always recollecting in his lifetime that he seemed not to forget the deep impressions he was given when meeting the servicewomen of the company 44 years ago. He looked at the monument for a long while, being lost deep in thought about Kim Jong Il.

Making the rounds of the education room, bedroom, mess hall, seawater purifier room and other places of the company, he learned in detail about the military service of servicewomen.

At the education room he learned about the use of educational means and cultural recreation apparatuses and was much pleased to see the servicewomen leading a life without any inconvenience at the cozy and harmonious bedroom, mess hall and wash-cum-bath room.

Saying that the company set an example in all aspects of the combat preparations and the economic life of the company including barracks management, livestock, fishery and sideline job, he highly appreciated the proud successes the servicewomen gained true to the Party leadership.

He saw an art performance given by the company art group and sports game, boosting the militant morale of the servicewomen.

He told the company commander and company political instructor not to forget always the days when their company worked hard to have the honor of master gunners two years ago but keep on training so as to continue to glorify the honor of the master gunners company given by the Party and asked all the servicewomen of the company to make their revolutionary and voluntary training more intensive within the company in hearty response to the Party policy of bringing about a drastic turn in the training so as to continue to strengthen the company into the master gunners company.

He gave an earnest instruction to more devotedly work for the prosperity of the country and comfort and happiness of the people, saying that the defence of the country is the supreme patriotism, and expressed deep belief that all the servicewomen of the company would become women revolutionaries and true daughters of the Party thoroughly armed with the revolutionary spirit of the Party before giving a pair of binoculars and automatic rifle as souvenirs and having a significant photo session with them.

He was accompanied by Army General Pak Jong Chon, chief of the General Staff of the KPA, and senior officials of the WPK Central Committee.