Korean feudal army forcibly disbanded by Japan

In the last century, Japan made desperate efforts to turn Korea into its colony.

To this end, it forced the Korean feudal army to disband.

Before and after the fabrication of the "Ulsa Five-Point Treaty", the Japanese schemed to get rid of the Korean army. They disorganized its supreme command to abolish Emperor Kojong's right of military command and then reduced the regular troops of the Korean army by a large margin under the pretext of disarmament. After all, its 17 000 troops in 1904 was halved.

In 1907, their moves for eliminating the Korean army reached an extreme point.

After cooking up the "Jongmi Seven-Point Treaty", they grasped the judicial power and police authority and made a secret memorandum deciding the disbandment of the Korean army. Consecutively, they fabricated an imperial edict.

In October 1982, it was opened to the public by the Japanese newspaper Shukan Asahi that the handwriting on the draft of the imperial edict was not the Korean emperor's, but Hirobumi Ito's.

Like this, the Japanese imperialists misled the public opinion by fabricating even the imperial edict with abandon.

Under this "edict", five battalions of the royal guards and cavalry and artillery in the capital city and eight battalions in localities were disbanded at twice.

Meanwhile, Japan mercilessly suppressed the uprising of the Korean soldiers standing against the forcible disbandment.

The Korean people will never pardon Japan’s past crimes of trampling down their development and interests.