S. Korean military censured for arms buildup

According to south Korean Internet paper Jaju Sibo, the solidarity for sovereignty of Kyonggi Province and the progressive alliance of university students in Kyonggi and Inchon areas held a news conference in front of the US air base in Chongju on Jan 2 and criticized the military authorities for its moves towards arms buildup.

The organizations said that the defence ministry is massively shipping in F-35A stealth fighters in the wake of the introduction of Global Hawk super-high altitude unmanned reconnaissance plane which may serve as a spark of war.

They denounced the introduction of them as a blatant violation of the Panmunjom Declaration and the inter-Korean agreement in the military field.

They said that the defence ministry is hell-bent on inciting confrontation with the fellow countrymen, chiming in with the US over the escalation of military tensions.

They demanded it apologize to the nation aspiring after peace and stop the war games and military buildup which invite confrontation with the fellow countrymen.

The participants put on a performance of cutting the models of Global Hawk and F-35A stealth fighter in two with a sword inscribed with letters reading “National independence, implementation of inter-Korean joint declarations”.