Nation steps up fight against novel CoV


A great deal of efforts have been directed to the prevention of coronavirus infection in the DPRK as it takes on a new aspect including no-symptom infection across the world.

The central emergency anti-epidemic headquarters issued a reference guide on the prevention and treatment of the infections and is running a technical course for the public health institutions at all levels through telemedicine.

A strict system has been established at the border crossing points to identify the place of residence of all entrants and notify the hygienic and anti-epidemic institutions of them.

The Pyongyang municipal emergency anti-epidemic headquarters and others across the country have taken strict measures to find out and isolate all those who returned from foreign tour and give them medical checkup and observation.

The hygienic and anti-epidemic centres across the country have been put on standby in case of the disease infection.

Officials of government organs at all levels frequently inquire about the conditions of suspects and take appropriate steps to provide them with medicines and other living conditions.