Anti-COVID measures tightened in border and MDL areas 

Anti-epidemic work has been intensified to prevent COVID-19 in the areas along the border and the Military Demarcation Line.

In North Phyongan Province officials have carefully organized the supply of medicines, disinfectants, reagents for tests and others, while stepping up anti-epidemic activities in residential quarters.

Ryanggang Province and Rason City are now focusing on the anti-epidemic work at commercial networks and welfare service and public catering facilities.

Party and government organs, working people's organizations and public health institutions in the areas along the Military Demarcation Line are carefully organizing work to prevent any sign of possible spread of the disease in advance with high vigilance.

Counties in Kangwon, South Hwanghae and other provinces and Kaesong City along the MDL have taken strict measures to ban fishing in rivers and streams and ensure all people drink boiled water.