Stricter anti-epidemic measures adopted


The DPRK is further intensifying nationwide anti-epidemic effort in a scientific manner to prevent COVID-19 from entering and spreading in the country.

It strengthens quarantine inspection on materials entering through borders and harbours and sees that inspection and quarantine stations at all levels fully equip themselves with effective disinfectants, sprayers and hazmat suits and thoroughly disinfect delivered goods.

They inspect and disinfect vehicles, vessels and materials carefully, leave the materials in tightly closed places for ten days and hand them over to relevant units according to procedures and orders set by the state.

In accordance with the recent prolongation of school vacations, students are requested not to move around.

The release from quarantine of foreigners, travellers from abroad, contacts and others who had been under medical observation is properly executed under the unified instruction of the central emergency anti-epidemic headquarters.

More than 990 people in North Phyongan Province and over 720 in South Phyongan were freed from quarantine including the recent release of over 70 who presented with no suspicious symptoms.

All provinces are examining the isolation periods of those in quarantine in order to release them if they are confirmed to have no symptoms related to the novel coronavirus infection. And even after the release, they are under thorough medical observation for 30 days.

Pyongyang and North Phyongan, Kangwon and other provinces are intensifying hygienic information activities to raise public awareness of worldwide spreading of COVID-19 and prevention and treatment measures.