Shoes produced for new students

Shoes factories across the country have completed the production of shoes for new pupils and students in the new school year over a dozen days ahead of schedule.

The Wonsan Leather Shoes Factory made plastic shoe soles lighter than before and introduced a new technology to overcome splipperiness.

The Ryuwon Footwear factory and the Pyongyang Leather Shoes Factory developed new designs and plans for fashionable and convenient shoes in a short time.

The Hamhung Leather Shoes Factory and other shoes factories in Anju, Haeju, Wonsan and Chongjin successfully completed the production of shoes for children.

The Pyongyang, Sinuiju, Sariwon and other footwear factories produced hundreds of thousands of pairs of leather shoes and trainers for males and females.

The Sunchon Leather Shoes Factory and Pukchong, Hyesan and other shoes factories also hit their production targets ahead of schedule by exploiting every reserve and steadily increasing the ranks of skilled workers.