Korean people help each other in combat against epidemic

Many stories are told about the laudable deeds of helping each other among the Korean people during the nationwide campaign against the global epidemic, COVID-19.

Provinces and cities including Kaesong City have taken appropriate steps to solve the difficulties of residents in their living such as food shortage and military organs sent a large quantity of supplies to quarantine places near their stationing places.

Ministries and national agencies provided reagents for test, protection equipment, medicines and medical supplies for anti-epidemic efforts and educational institutions are taking responsible care of the students who are quarantined at the university and college dormitories.

A department chief of the Sunam District Hygienic and Anti-epidemic Centre in Chongjin, North Hamgyong Province, died of incurable disease in the line of duty. He had reportedly been in hospital, but left the hospital as soon as he heard that the emergency anti-epidemic emergency measures have been taken and carried out water quality tests and sterilization.

Health workers at the Phyongchon District Hygienic and Anti-epidemic Centre and the Taedong County People’s Hospital helped the quarantined families lead a life without feeling any inconveniences while carry out temperature measurement and medical observation of them several times a day without fail.

A bus conductor offered protective masks to the passengers who did not wear them free of charge and voluntarily transported the supplies for the quarantined people. And the Kaechon City Hotel in South Phyongan Province took care of the quarantined people, preparing birthday spreads for several of them including foreigners.

Pak Myong Su, director of the national sanitary inspection agency of the Ministry of Public Health, said that many people across the country have performed noble deeds from the beginning of the emergency anti-epidemic campaign. These impressive stories are greatly encouraging our people in their fight against the epidemic, he added.

By Ri Sung Ik PT