DPRK will go its own way, senior negotiator says

“The US President sent our leadership his personal letter carrying a ‘sincere aid plan’ as regards the prevention of novel coronavirus to ask for close communication, whereas the US Secretary of State before the eyes of the world slandered the country, with which the American chief executive intends to establish good relations of cooperation, against his will. This makes us confused about who the real chief executive is in the United States,” said the new department director general for negotiations with the US of the DPRK Foreign Ministry on Monday.

The statement came after US State Secretary Pompeo called for applying sanctions and pressure on the DPRK at a news conference held after the teleconference of G-7 foreign ministers on prevention of the spread of COVID-19 on Mar 25.

Through Pompeo’s remarks we have definitely reconfirmed that no matter how excellent and steady the relationship between the top leaders of the two countries is, it cannot reverse the US policy hostile towards the DPRK, and that the resumption of dialogue much touted by the US is nothing but a decoy to keep us from going our own way, the top negotiator asserted.

What the US should know clearly is that neither threat nor trick could work on us, he said, adding the mere invention of the US top diplomat is the trumpeting about good relationship between the top leaders of the two countries and putting up of the false dialogue signboard that are designed to make the international community believe that the US is the "advocate of dialogue" and to make us idle the time away with vain expectation.

The reckless remarks made by the American State Secretary seriously impaired the dialogue signboard the US President put up as a decoy to buy time and create an environment favourable for himself, he said.

Hearing Pompeo's reckless remarks, he noted, the DPRK has dropped the interest in dialogue with stronger confidence and become more zealous for its important projects for filling the US with horror and unrest in return for the sufferings it has long inflicted on the Korean people.

Saying that the US seems to no longer have the power and strategy to stop the second hand that has begun running towards a crash again, he stated the DPRK would go its own way.

Dissuading the US from provoking the DPRK with inappropriate grumbles, he warned that if it provokes the country, it will be hurt.