Survey of national bird intensified


Ornithologists have achieved successes in their study of distribution and ecology of goshawk, national bird of the DPRK, and its protection and multiplication.

After explicating the biological features of goshawk, a sedentary bird that inhabits the country, the Zoology Institute of the State Academy of Sciences established the Toksong goshawk reserve and Toksong scientific research forest in the Toksong area of South Hamgyong Province and succeeded in the artificial raising of five young goshawks by completing the artificial goshawk rearing technology.

The institute also found out that goshawk, which was known to live only in the northern highlands of the country, also inhabits its central part, spotted four pairs of goshawks nesting in the area of Toksong County, South Hamgyong Province, and conducted a more detailed survey of its breeding and ecological characters.

Videos filmed by its researchers to show the images of parent and young goshawks and their life in the nests were broadcast as a special programme, attracting a lot of interest of TV viewers.

According to Kim Kyong Jun, deputy director of the institute, they work on the establishment of an artificial breeding technology, a challenging task of the academic circles.

By Ri Sung Ik PT