No need to converse with double face

It is still vivid in my memory.

As they visited Pyongyang in September 2018, the south Korean authorities expressed their gratitude before the Pyongyang citizens who welcomed them with fraternal affections, and pledged to bring earlier the peaceful future by developing the inter-Korean relations in an all-round way.

However, they are now patronizing and inciting the “defectors from the north” to degrade the supreme dignity which is upheld as the sun of destiny by the Korean people. I cannot really repress my disgust at them.

We already know that the south Korean authorities are double-faced rogues who immerse themselves in confrontation with the fellow countrymen while making an affected smile on their face.

It has been even more clear through the recent incident.

Settlement of accounts is the only thing that is left for us to do with the south Korean authorities who are no different from the human scum of “defectors from the north”.

Jong Hae Ok, section chief at the Ministry of Public Health skin-disease hospital