Educationist dedicating herself to development of mass game


The mass gymnastic display of the DPRK is widely known across the world in terms of history, scale, form and content.

Among the sportspersons who have devoted themselves to the development of mass gymnastic display along with its glorious history, there is Pak Un Sun, a department director of Korea University of Physical Education.

She is an educator and creator of mass gymnastics.

During the production of mass gymnastics and artistic performance Brilliant Motherland which was given splendidly in 2018, she took charge of the production of Scene 1. Socialism Is Our Life of Act 2. Victorious Road, successfully representing the combination of ring and flag gymnastics.

In 2019, she flaunted her ability as a mass game specialist by leading the performers to flawlessly combine gymnastics accompanied with rings and clubs during stage blackout in Scene 3. Along the Road of Juche of Act 1. Our Socialist Homeland of the grand mass gymnastics and artistic performance The Land of the People.

According to her, mass game specialists are required to have versatile knowledge in different fields including track and field, free standing exercise, exercises with hand apparatus and Taekwon-Do, as well as skilful organizational ability capable of commanding thousands of performers to meet their intention.

Pak Un Sun had performed Taekwon-Do in the mass gymnastics Korea Today which was held to mark the 13th World Festival of Youth and Students 30 years ago, and this was the motive for her to form a connection with mass game.

Later, she acquired the knowledge of mass gymnastics in the university, built practical capacity, and widened her experience and drew lessons while being involved in the production of different gymnastics.

When she finished the postgraduate course, she made up her mind to devote her whole life to the development of mass gymnastics. While engaging in education, she wrote different teaching materials and books related to mass game. Especially, her reference book “The way of guidance for the production of mass gymnastics” is known to be a must book for all mass game experts.

She was awarded the citation of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un in 2019 in recognition of her devoted services rendered to the production of mass gymnastics and had a photo taken in the presence of the Supreme Leader at the 14th National Conference of Teachers held in the same year.

Her husband works in the same university as a vice dean.

The couple are now living in a modern apartment house on Mirae Scientists Street, which was provided to lecturers gratis by the state.

Pak Un Sun, associate professor, is now engrossed in the production of mass gymnastics. 

By Om Ryong PT