Senior WPK official dismisses any DPRK-US summit as pointless

"I believe that the previous theme of the DPRK-US negotiations, that is, 'denuclearization measures versus lifting of sanctions' should be changed into a formula of 'withdrawal of hostility versus resumption of DPRK-US negotiations'," said Kim Yo Jong, first deputy department director of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, in a statement on Friday.

“I hope that the US, at this moment in time, does not harbour such a pipedream as trying to restrike a bargain over the partial lifting of sanctions versus the permanent dismantlement of large-scale nuclear facilities like the ones in the Nyongbyon area, the central nerve of our nuclear development, which was put on the negotiating table in Hanoi,” she added.

Her statement came as the US is sending out strange signals with regard to the DPRK in succession these days, especially the signs of the possibility of bilateral summit talks.

She said she does not think such events as the summit talks would be held this year, and added that nobody knows what kind of event would happen according to the judgement and decision of the two top leaders.

She stated that since serious antagonism and unsolvable divergence of opinion exist between the DPRK and the US, she is of the view that the summit is unnecessary this year and beyond and it is useless to the DPRK at least unless there is a decisive change in the US’ stand.

Citing three reasons for that, she said the summit talks will only be needed by the US, but useless to the DPRK; the DPRK will only end up losing time again even if the Koreans sit face to face with the Americans who have no courage to make a new challenge and it would only entail a risk of impairing the special relationship that has been maintained between the top leaders; and such talks should never be held for them as it was foretold by Bolton who is as filthy as waste.

It is evident that the DPRK leadership will not remain an onlooker to all sorts of dangerous and coercive words and actions of the US, she said. However, she added, considering that anything which the US extremely dreads has not yet happened, she feels the special friendly relations between the DPRK Supreme Leader and the US President are exerting a significant effect.

She said that if at this time the US, out of anxiety and fret, carelessly embarks on a dangerous action that will induce the DPRK’s strong reaction, it is evident that it will be tantamount to waking up a sleeping tiger, thereby leading to an unpleasant consequence.

As to the summit talks held in Hanoi early in 2019, she said the US had the chance to first disable the DPRK’s nuclear mainstay and mess up its long-term nuclear programme through the partial lifting of sanctions and at that time the DPRK was making a great venture at all risks in order to break the chains of sanctions and promote its people's livelihood at the earliest time possible, although the terms of the deal were not in its favour.

When the bilateral summit talks were held at Panmunjom on June 30 2019, she noted, Chairman Kim Jong Un made a stand to the US President, who preached bright prospects of north Korea's economy and their economic assistance and asked for additional denuclearisation measures as a prerequisite, that we shall never barter the safety and future of our system and our people for the likes of lifting of sanctions with no guarantee in the hope of glamorous transformation and the realization of our dreams of rapid economic prosperity. He also made it clear that the sufferings imposed upon us by the US now turned into the hatred for the US, and by dint of this hatred we would break through the persistent sanctions and blockade led by the US and live our own way by our own efforts, she underlined.

From that time on, she stated, the DPRK completely ruled out the issue of lifting of sanctions from the agenda of negotiations with the US.

The personal feelings of Chairman Kim Jong Un towards President Trump is undoubtedly good and solid, but the DPRK government should not adjust its tactics relating to the US and its nuclear programme in keeping with relations with the US President, she asserted.

Reminding it of the fact that when the US State Department expressed the intention to hold dialogue and the President indicated the possibility of the DPRK-US summit talks while repeatedly mentioning the good relations with the DPRK leadership, the US Defense Secretary again argued for the so-called "CVID" and made such remarks hostile toward the DPRK as a "rogue state", she said that no matter how good the relations between the top leaders of the DPRK and the US are, the US is bound to negate and be hostile to the DPRK.

Even if the US, whose inveterate prejudice against the DPRK has become "endemic", manages to get through the current "crisis" of presidential election, the DPRK has to anticipate endless hostile actions of the former against it, she said, adding she thought that now is the time for the DPRK to concern itself more about enhancing its capability to cope with the US hostility towards it which would continue incessantly in the future than about friendly relations with the US President.

“We must develop a long-term plan to control and contain long-term threats coming from the US, safeguard our national interests and sovereignty under such conditions and strengthen and steadily increase our practical capabilities,” she noted.

Referring to the US attempt to resume the bilateral negotiations for denuclearization, she said that there is no need for the DPRK to sit face to face with the US right now, as the US is obsessed with what and how to seize more from the other at the negotiating table, and that it is a matter which can be decided after seeing the major change in attitude on the part of the US first.

It would be easier and more useful for the US to rack its brains to make our nukes no threat to it, instead of doing so to dispossess us of our nukes, she said.

“We do not have any intention to pose a threat to the US, and Chairman Kim Jong Un has already made it clear to President Trump,” she said.

“Everything will go smoothly if they do not offend and provoke us.

“We would like to make it clear that it does not necessarily mean we will not join the denuclearization process, but we cannot at this point of time. I want to remind the US that the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula is possible only when there are major changes on the other side, that is, when crucial irreversible steps are taken simultaneously in parallel with our actions.”

And she pointed out clearly that it did not mean the lifting of sanctions when she referred to major changes on the other side.

She said that she saw on TV the US Independence Day celebrations a few days ago, adding she has got the permission from the Chairman to personally obtain DVDs of the Independence Day celebrations in the future, if possible. “He asked me to convey his good wishes to President Trump that he would certainly achieve great successes in his work,” she concluded.