Adding brilliance to feats of war veterans in golden letters

In his congratulatory speech delivered at the recent Sixth National Conference of War Veterans, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un highly appreciated the exploits of the victorious wartime generation, calling the war veterans truly outstanding revolutionaries and patriots and a priceless treasure of our revolution.

The war veterans remember again the congratulatory speech of the Supreme Leader, who said at the Fourth National Conference of War Veterans in July 2015 that they are the country's priceless treasures, laudable heroes of the nation and genuine patriots as they devotedly defended the Party, the revolution, the country and the people by dedicating their prime of youth and lives.

Such deep trust and warm love of the leader, who etched the lives and feats of war veterans in the history of the country in golden letters and spares nothing while blessing them warmly, are touching their hearts.

The Supreme Leader saw to it that Victory Day was celebrated splendidly every year, sanatoriums for war veterans were built at scenic spots across the country so that they could enjoy their remaining days happily and a climate of taking care of their life was created in whole society.

That is why the exploits of war veterans are shining along with the traditions of victory of Juche Korea.