Breastfeeding encouraged among nursing mothers

“Breastfeeding is enough for the children to replenish nutrients and protect their lives,” said Yu Hyang Suk, section chief of the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital.

The DPRK widely encourages breastfeeding among the women with newborn babies in recognition of the importance of mothers’ milk in reducing infant morbidity and mortality.

Yu Hyang Suk said that any milk products cannot substitute for mothers’ milk, the only life-giving water and the most ideal foodstuff for newborn babies, as it contains sufficient physiological activators and immune substances that promote brain development and protect digestive organs. She added that it has scientifically been confirmed that mothers’ milk is best for the psychological and mental growth of the newborn.

The Pyongyang Maternity Hospital and such hospital in each province conduct information activities among pregnant women and nursing mothers to raise their awareness of the breastfeeding-based nutrition in the first 1 000 days after birth and initiate the first breastfeeding within an hour after delivery.

In particular, they demand nursing mothers give colostrum coming within a few days after delivery to the newborn as it is as good as a preventive injection for them and the immune substances in the colostrum help protect the babies from different infections.

They also ensure that the management of nutrition of newborn babies is only performed with mothers’ milk for six months after their birth.

Medical workers, who are engaged in the care of mothers and babies, and those in charge of hygienic information and in relevant sectors conduct brisk information activities about the 10 major stages for breastfeeding with a correct understanding of technical knowledge of breastfeeding.

Such mass magazines as “Breastfeeding and supplementary foods” and “Why breastfeeding is needed and how to breastfeed?” are popular with pregnant women and nursing mothers.

The World Health Organization has set a week of August as the World Breastfeeding Week and recommended encouraging breastfeeding in society.