Japan’s new regime denies past wrongdoings

The statue of a girl sexual slave for the Japanese imperial army was unveiled in Germany's Berlin for the third time in the country on September 28. A civic organization, scholars and citizens present at the unveiling ceremony hailed its erection.

The following day, however, the Japanese Cabinet secretary expressed regret and made a stand of Japan for its removal at a press conference, getting the world dumbfounded.

It is a manifestation of Japan’s uneasiness over the disclosure to the world people of its crime-ridden past it tries so desperately to cover up.

Its successive regimes were so nervous about the erection of such statues in different countries of the world denouncing its sex slave-related crimes they tried to bribe those countries for the removal of the memorials.

The current regime is little different from the preceding governments. It is hell-bent on whitewashing Japan’s past crimes by every means, far from making a sincere apology and atoning for them.

It is a trend of the times for the countries that perpetrated crimes in the past to make soul-searching and reparations for them.

Japan should be aware that if it persists in evading an apology and recompense for its class-A unethical crimes, it will only fall into deeper disgrace and face bitterer denunciation.