Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un sends birthday spreads to centenarians

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un sent birthday spreads to centenarians Kim Kum Ryon residing in Soam-dong, Sinam District of Chongjin City, Choe Sun Nyo in Haeun-dong of Haeju City and Kim Sun Nyo in the township of Sangwon County.

The elderly women, born into poor families during the Japanese imperialists' colonial rule over Korea, keenly felt the sorrow of a ruined nation as they were subjected to all manner of maltreatment and contempt. It was only after President Kim Il Sung liberated the country that they came to lead a worthwhile and happy life.

After receiving farmland they had ardently desired for free, they worked hard to repay the favour. They were active in supporting the People's Army during the Fatherland Liberation War and took the lead in the postwar reconstruction. And afterwards they dedicated themselves to the prosperity of the country for decades.

They volunteered to do work conducive to the economic life of the country after retirement.

Under the socialist public health system, they are leading an optimistic life in good health, doing housework and cultivating kitchen gardens.