Koreans in Japan protest against Japanese court ruling

On October 30, the Fukuoka High Court turned down the suit for compensation claim filed by the graduates of Fukuoka Korean School and Kyusu Korean Middle and High School in Japan against the Japanese authorities for excluding Korean high schools from tuition-free programme for senior high schools.

Enraged by the discriminative and unjust judgment of the court authorities, the graduates immediately called a press conference.

The court which is liable for ensuring human rights has taken an active part in the discriminative policy of the Japanese authorities without saying a single word about the children’s right to learning, they severely criticized.

They termed the exclusion of Korean schools from tuition-free programme for senior high schools an extremely illegal act targeting the Korean students in Japan.

They denounced that the court authorities made an unjust judgment by availing themselves of the discriminative moves without trying to know the seriousness of the problem.

After the press conference was over, they held a rally.

Koreans and Japanese citizens in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima, Aichi, Hyogo and Yamaguchi joined them.

Speakers said that they could clearly read once again the real intention of the Japanese government to obliterate national education through the judgment.

They expressed their will to continue to fight until the regime lifts the policy of discrimination against Korean students.

That day, the Fukuoka Korean School and the Fukuoka Liaison Council for Application of Tuition-free Programme to Korean Schools issued statements in protest against the court's judgment.