Fossil tree in Moran Hill

There is a fossil tree on Chongnyu Cliff at the foot of Moran Hill in Pyongyang.

A pagoda tree, which was growing by a lake in the area about 180 million-140 million years ago, was buried in the ground due to crustal movement and fossilized as silicon contained in ground water and earth got into the tree’s cellular space to harden.

The tree fossil stands upright on the bedding plane of the stratum and the annual rings are distinct.

It is 1.58 metres high and 3.4 metres round at the root collar.

The tree’s cellular space is mainly filled with silicon and there is clay rich in iron oxide on the cell wall.

The cell structure can clearly be seen through a microscope.

Several tree fossils have been discovered in the area.

The fossil of the pagoda tree of Moran Hill was designated as a natural monument of the DPRK in June 1989 as it is of great significance in the scientific study of geological age and global climate change.