Renowned veterinary scientist

Kim Jong Hui, a winner of Kim Il Sung Prize, academician, professor and PhD, was a veterinary scientist who made a big contribution to improving the anti-epizootic work in the country and putting the veterinary biomedical industry on a Juche and scientific basis.

President Kim Il Sung met him in January 1947 and assigned him important tasks of educating students at a university to train veterinary scientists and organizing a veterinary hygiene institute.

Therefore, Kim Jong Hui worked as lecturer at Kim Il Sung University that was established after Korea’s liberation and head of the veterinary hygiene institute, greatly contributing to the building of a new country.

During the Fatherland Liberation War, he preserved bacterial strains intact to ensure the production of medicines for animals.

As he conducted educational and scientific research activities for many years, he carried out dozens of research projects, wrote such books as Veterinary Microbiology and Veterinary Dictionary and lots of treatises and took part in the compilation of Korean Encyclopaedia.