Dozens of projects completed in North Phyongan

North Phyongan Province has built or remodelled dozens of objects during the ongoing 80-day campaign.

It completed the construction of Tongnaegang Reservoir by piling earth on a hundreds-of-metre-long section of the main dam in a little over a month, covering tens of thousands of square metres of stones, laying turf and building retaining walls for spillways, thus providing a prospect of producing large quantities of grains on thousands of hectares of newly-reclaimed tideland from the next year.

While building an outdoor ice rink covering a total floor space of thousands of square metres in its township, Hyangsan County repainted some historical relics to give a facelift to the area of Mt Myohyang.

Changsong County simultaneously built a feed processing workshop, storehouses and pens, thus finishing a sheep-breeding ground by late October. It also pushed the creation of pastures with the assistance of the province.

Other structures built in the province include the Sinuiju Youth Open-Air Theatre, Thaechon Terrapin Farm and a puffer pedigree farm.

In addition, the province renovated the Ryongmun Cave, Thaechon Youth Rabbit Breeding Farm, Yomju Youth Fish Farm, Sakju County Foodstuff Factory, Sinuiju Chicken Farm, Ryongchon Duck Farm and many others.