‘Nothing to waste’

Employees work on a furniture piece at the Furniture Producers’ Cooperative in Yonthan County.

“There is nothing to throw away even from sawdust to splinters of wood,” said Choe Tok Bo, chairman of the management board of the Yonthan County Furniture Producers’ Cooperative.

The cooperative makes effective use of wood splinters and sawdust, the byproducts from wood processing.

It focusses its business strategy on getting maximum benefits with the minimum cost.

For more effective use of material wood, the cooperative introduced a new planing and veneering machines into the plywood production process, and turns out planed veneers and tongue-and-groove blocks with delicate patterns and natural beauty. The planing refuse is used to make chipboards that are applied on the front and rear of furniture pieces to make them more light and resistant to deformation.

It recycles plastic waste to make adhesives which are essentially needed in the production of plywood.

It also substitutes byproducts from wood processing for electricity.

It remodelled a previously used electric heating press into an oil-heated press using sawdust and planing refuse as fuel and applied it to the plywood production process and thus doubled the productivity.

“Small wood splinters from wood processing is just another kind of resource,” said Choe. “We are making furniture boards with splinters in the same size and such furniture pieces are much sought-after as they are light and have many uses.”

All products of the cooperative are made from locally-abundant timber, he continued, adding they have no worry about materials as it is expanding the timber forests on the principle of planting one hundred saplings for every felled tree.