Factory offers broader variety of functional soaps

Researchers at the Ryongaksan Soap Factory analyse the composition of a new liquid soap.

The Ryongaksan Soap Factory has established new production processes geared to ensuring domestic production of raw materials for liquid soap and directs much effort to the development of soaps.

Among the new processes is the fatty acid methyl ester and potash soap production process.

“The esterification of natural oil can completely remove impurities, but this requires hefty investment and much labour for finding the optimum condition for the reaction and installing more facilities,” said Jong Myong Hwa, chief of the technical department.

The technicians analysed the effects of oil quality indexes on the fatty acid methyl ester synthetic reaction, and set the criteria of quality indexes of the oil needed for the reaction and selected the rational condition for the reaction. On that basis, they established a process for synthesizing various surface active agents with locally-available natural oil as a main ingredient.

They also set up processes for refining Evodia daniellii oil and salt.

They developed and introduced new analytical methods including those for measuring cleansing power and washing load mass of liquid laundry soap and analyzing anionic surface active agent content and effective matters.

The factory applies to soap production various kinds of functional substances such as biolytic enzyme and anti-discoloration agent, fibre lubricant, stabilizer and skin protection agent and natural essences like those of ginger and lemon.

At present, the factory turns out a wide variety of soaps and its most sought-after products are liquid laundry soap, detergent and washing gel.

The washing gel made from Evodia daniellii oil is regarded as a popular skincare product among both men and women as it contains different functional elements.

The biolytic enzyme liquid laundry soap can easily remove stains left by fruit juice and printing ink from clothes and the sterilizing liquid laundry soap prevents moulds and germs from growing on winter clothes.

Customers unanimously praise the factory’s liquid soaps, saying they are easy to handle and have great cleansing strength and various functions.

Last year, the factory developed a shampoo that removes extraneous matters away from the skin and fur of riding horses.

Its products were highly appreciated at several exhibitions including the 1st National Cosmetics Exhibition last year and registered as February 2 Products.