Crater lake boasts of marvellous scenery


Lake Chon is one of the eight famous scenes on Mt Paektu in the DPRK.

It is a crater lake on the highest place in the world, and various legends are told about its natural wonders.

The height from the sea level to the surface of the lake is 2 190.15 metres. It is 9.16 square kilometres in total area, 384 metres in maximum depth, 213.3 metres in average depth and 1. 955 billion cubic metres in water volume.

More than 300 species of plants grow on the shore of the lake.

When the wind blows over the lake, strong waves lap rocks and cliffs.

In particular, the snow scenes, myriad-shaped ices, curious sounds of ice breaking and a snow cave near hot springs add beauty to winter scenery of the lake.