Big stride forward made in cultural construction

The Workers’ Party of Korea set forth important tasks to be tackled in building a thriving socialist country at its Seventh Congress five years ago.

Since then, the DPRK has made remarkable achievements in education, public health and art and literature.

The Third Plenary Meeting of the Seventh WPK Central Committee in April 2018 discussed and decided on the issue of bringing about a radical turn in science and education, and after the 14th National Conference of Teachers in September 2019, efforts were intensified to develop the country into a talent power and make all the people well versed in science and technology.

More than 190 technical senior middle schools were established, and progress was made in the efforts to improve vocational technical education and teacher training systems.

Teacher training colleges created and introduced good teaching methods and new teaching aids so as to further improve the quality of teacher training, while lecturers and researchers at universities across the country came up with valuable scientific research findings.

Teachers made vigorous efforts to enhance their qualifications, with the result that the number of model teachers and academic degree and title holders went up.

The online education system saw a boost in many universities.

As public interest in education grew throughout society, dynamic activities were conducted to better educational conditions and environment.

Achievements were also made in public healthcare.

Modern medical service bases were built and notable successes made in medical treatment and prevention. The DPRK Ministry of Public Health was awarded a prize of the public health sector by the World Health Organization Regional Office for Southeast Asia in September 2016.

Hospitals across the country positively applied advanced methods of diagnosis and treatment in keeping with the latest trends in health care, ensured the domestic production of hi-tech medical materials and apparatuses and researched and developed highly efficacious medicines.

A telemedicine service system was established between the Koryo Medicine General Hospital and provincial Koryo medicine hospitals and a medicine management information system was developed.

The art and literature sector produced lots of excellent works and conducted vigorous artistic activities to encourage the people on a march for a great upsurge.

The DPRK’s acrobatic works were given top prizes at the Idol-2017 World Acrobatic Art Festival, the 16th Wuqiao International Circus Festival in China and other festivals.

Korean sportspersons exalted the honour of the country by snatching gold medals at international games. Meanwhile, brisk mass sporting activities injected vim into society.

The Yangdok Hot Spring Resort was built and a multifunctional complex for sporting and leisure activities, while Samjiyon transformed into an ideal mountainous city and the areas hit by flood damage this year turned into models of socialist rural civilization.