Hot spring resources explored nationwide

“Efforts for exploiting hot spring resources got brisker in various localities last year.” said Ri Kun Chol, director of a department of the Ministry of Natural Resources Development.

A hot spring with a daily gush of thousands of cubic metres was discovered in Koksan County of North Hwanghae Province and the one with a daily gush of 1 000 cubic metres in Samchon County of South Hwanghae Province.

Hot springs with temperatures between 31 and 60 degrees centigrade were found in Pochon County of Ryanggang Province and Onchon County of Nampho.

Meanwhile, efforts were made to prospect for more springs at spas in North Hamgyong Province.

Unsan County in North Phyongan Province, Tongsin County in Jagang Province and Poptong County in Kangwon Province have found new hot springs while working to increase the gush of the springs already in use.

Hot springs of high economic value were discovered in Mangyongdae and Hyongjesan districts of Pyongyang.

Hot spring resources were increasingly exploited even in the Mt Paektu area with the highest altitude in the country.

“There is now a growing demand for hot spring vacations at spa resorts including the Yangdok Hot Spring Resort,” said Ri.

Abundant hot spring resources of the country will be enough to accommodate the demand, he said, adding the efforts for exploiting hot springs will be more active this year.