Reservoir boasting scenic beauty

In Phyongwon County of South Phyongan Province, there is Kyonnyong Reservoir which is rated as a place of scenic interest.

It is a man-made reservoir which was built by damming up the upper stream of the Pothong River.

The water of the reservoir is used to produce electric power and drinking water.

The reservoir, also called Sogam Reservoir, is of economic value and also presents a spectacular sight as the lake full of crystal-clear water all four seasons blends in well with the mountain peaks surrounding it.

Especially, the environs of the lake are covered with forests of evergreen pine and pine-nut trees, thuja and dozens of other kinds of trees decorating the area differently according to seasons, and form a flower garden covered with different kinds of flowers that bloom according to seasons, especially azalea and Androsace saxifragaefolia.

Seen at the foot of surrounding mountains are lots of ancient tombs from the period of Koguryo, which was known as a powerful state existing nearly a thousand years between 277 BC and AD 668, and the area offers a nice blend of scenic beauty and traditional charm.

There are a children’s camp and sanatoriums, as well as a ssirum ground, volleyball court, restaurant and other sporting and amusement and service facilities.