Drive for increased power production mounted

All officials and workers in the electric-power industry sector, one of the key industry sectors in the DPRK, have turned out in the struggle to carry out important tasks set forth at the Eighth Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea.

The tasks of facing the electric-power industry are to readjust and reinforce its production foundations as a whole and expand them on a long-term basis while waging an increased production drive for satisfying the immediate demand for electricity so as to reliably ensure the stable development of the national economy and the material and cultured living of the people.

The workers at thermal power plants and hydropower stations across the country are now working hard to increase the production of electricity, the main power for the independent economy.

The thermal power plants have fulfilled their daily plan at 103 percent by raising the efficiency of generators and increasing steam production while considerably reducing heat loss.

The hydropower stations have overfulfilled their plan by 9 percent by ensuring high water level and efficiency operation. Minor hydropower stations in different parts of the country also increased electricity production 1.7 times as compared to before by effectively conserving water.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Electric Power Industry is pushing ahead with projects to manufacture efficient water wheels, secure enough water in reservoirs and update generating control devices at hydropower stations, and readjust the bad system of boilers and turbo generators and raise the output of each generator at thermal power plants on an annual footing.