Farms set to hit grain targets

It is the firm resolve of the Workers' Party of Korea to make a breakthrough in solving the food, clothing and housing problems at any cost and effect tangible changes and innovations, which will benefit the people in reality, in the period of the new five-year plan for national economic development.

To implement the decisions of the Eighth WPK Congress, officials in the agricultural sector of the DPRK are now working out innovative plans with the main stress put on displaying the vitality of scientific farming.

They are working hard to establish a scientific farming system and method to cope with disastrous climate.

Agricultural production units are concentrating efforts on the proper distribution of crop varieties according to climatic and soil conditions and special features of crops and on the improvement of soil fertility.

At the same time they are making preparations to widely introduce such advanced farming technologies and methods as surface coating cultivation and water-saving farming method, while taking proper measures to apply a technology of producing efficacious slow-acting fertilizer.

They also plan to use various kinds of growth stimulants and nutritive reinforcing agents.

Meanwhile, a project is under way to disseminate data on last year's farming experience and timely inform the provinces of crop growth forecast and technical data according to each farming process through a computer network.