War veteran grateful to many people

“I have many sons and daughters, in addition to my own children. They call me ‘Ma’ and show all sincerity, regarding me as their parent,” said Hwang Myong Sun, war veteran living in Undok-dong No. 2, Phyongsong, South Phyongan Province.

Hailing from Seoul of south Korea, she volunteered to join the volunteer corps during the Fatherland Liberation War (1950-1953) and became a nurse.

During the strategic temporary retreat, she came to stand at a crossroads deciding her destiny.

“Seoul, where there were my beloved mother and relatives, was within a hailing distance and going north with no home and blood relatives was my first trip,” Hwang Myong Sun recalled.

However, she went northwards with the conviction that she could lead a genuine life as human being only when she followed the Workers’ Party of Korea.

After graduating from a military academy after the war, she served the Korean People’s Army as an officer. After her demob she graduated from Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences and worked for a long time as a public health official.

Many people visit her home on holidays and rest days to spend a pleasant time with her like her family members while taking warm care of her health and life.

“Today, we can enjoy a happy life since war veteran Hwang and other people of older generations waged a bloody struggle. So I became her daughter and my husband reveres her as his own parent,” said Ra Song Dan residing in Toksong-dong of Phyongsong.

They care much for her lest she should lose her appetite in summer or catch cold when it gets cold, and visit her house with various presents and special foods.

Whenever Hwang takes part in the national conference of war veterans, they congratulate her as they rejoice at her participation like their own happy event.

“While coming north, I also worried how I would live without kith and kin. But I’m living happily under the excellent system where the whole society forms a harmonious family,” said Hwang Myong Sun.