Japan censured for attempting to cover up its crimes

Shortly ago, the Japanese prime minister made another reckless remark to find fault with the DPRK.

At a full-dress session of the House of Representatives, he said that he would actively cooperate with relevant countries while talking about the so-called abduction of Japanese by the DPRK.  

His impudent behavior just like a thief calling "Stop thief!" further stirs up the Korean people's resentment at the island nation.

The abduction issue much touted by Japan is undebatable as it has already been settled irreversibly.

This being a hard fact, Japan seeks to cover up the unethical acts including the world's biggest state-backed abduction in the past, while abusing the abduction issue for attaining its political purposes and making money and shamelessly describing itself as a "victim."

It is illogical that Japan dares to talk about the abduction issue by the DPRK and this goes to prove the cunning and moral vulgarity of Japan.

In fact, the "victims" pointed out by the Japanese politicians in the context of "possibility of the abduction by north Korea" have nothing to do with the DPRK as they are the missing persons produced by the corrupted political climate and fin de siecle way of social life in the island nation.

Moreover, the fact that missing persons claimed to have been "abducted" by the DPRK are being found in Japan one after another clearly shows the groundlessness of the abduction issue touted by the Japanese reactionaries.

Clear is the purpose of Japan, the biggest abduction state, which tries to draw the attention of the world community while talking about the abduction issue.

Japan seeks to defame the dignity of the DPRK in conclusion with hostile forces, justify its hostile policy towards the DPRK and dodge its responsibility for the past crimes against humanity, notably the world's biggest abduction, by feigning itself to be the miserable "victim" before the world.

It would be the biggest mistake for Japan to calculate that it could get rid of its duty of liquidation of its past crimes with mean farce.

The heinous abduction crimes Japan committed by abducting and forcibly drafting a lot of Korean young and middle-aged people to battlefields and slave labor sites and forcing over 200 000 Korean women into sexual slavery in the past can never be covered up with anything.

The Japanese reactionaries should not persistently cling to the useless abduction issue and act recklessly but make a sincere apology and thorough reparation for their heinous unethical crimes against the Korean people.