Korean social scientists in Japan meet in Tokyo

Korean social scientists in Japan met at Korea University in Tokyo, Japan, on February 11 for a seminar on the Eighth Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

It drew Ri Yong Su, chairman of the Association of Korean Social Scientists in Japan, and its members.

The seminar was held to deeply study and grasp the main essence, important contents and historical significance of the Eighth Party Congress. There were discussions according to fields.

Explaining the historical environment and object of the congress and successes made in the period under review, Ri Pyong Hwi, professor of the research centre for Korean affairs under Korea University, said that the convention of the Eighth Party Congress was the expression of the WPK’s firm self-confidence to lead the revolution to the next victorious stage and its intense will and grave pledge to repay the immense trust and expectation of the people by discharging their obligations while shouldering the future of the country.

The best method of breaking through the existing mountainous difficulties most steadily and most rapidly is to strengthen its own force, the independent force, in every way, he said, adding that it is the main idea and main spirit of the congress to achieve a great fresh victory in all fields by remarkably increasing the independent strength, the internal motive force, of socialist construction.

Speeches were made by Kang Il Chon, vice-chairman of the association, on the strategy of socialist economic construction set forth at the congress, Choe Yong Hae, dean of the faculty of political economy at Korea University, on the issue of national reunification and foreign policy, and Ryom Mun Song, assistant professor of the foreign languages faculty of the same university, on sustainably strengthening the national defence capacity.