Building a fairer, healthier world

Humankind suffered great human and material losses in a little over a year due to the rapid spread of the world pandemic, which grows more violent without waning.

Restricting individual contacts, cooperation and exchanges between nations and ensuing negative consequences are driving the whole world into unrest and confusion.

With rapid increase of infections due to the emergence and spread of new varieties of viruses in particular, lots of countries are now faced with lack of medical appliances and doctors, and hospitals are too crowded to receive new confirmed cases.

Expressing concern over the fact that more and more countries are witnessing the cases contracting highly infectious viruses, the WHO said on March 31 that new varieties could be the cause of increasing cases.

Under these circumstances, the WHO set “Building a fairer, healthier world” as the theme for this year’s World Health Day.

Established to enable all the people to have access to the highest-attainable standard of healthcare, the WHO set April 7 as World Health Day and conducts a variety of activities on this occasion every year.

Placing focus of this year’s work on building a fairer and healthier world, the organization is working hard to involve all policymakers in this effort and arouse all the people to this end.

“The present world is unequal,” the organization said, adding that some people get better access to health services than others.

Some people maintain their livelihood with tiny daily income, it said, and they live in poor housing and education conditions and fail to get access to employment opportunities. And they experience greater gender inequality and have little or no access to safe environment, clean water and air, food security and health services.

That was why the organization called on all nations to ensure that everyone was provided with living and working conditions conducive to health.

It asserts that pan-governmental measures should be taken to tackle the root cause of inequalities and investment should be increased into primary healthcare. It regards that it can end COVID-19, only when it can protect, do check-up and treat the global population.

It is the desire of all people to live long in clean environment.

Mankind will have to strive to build a fairer, healthier world by joining their efforts.