Mobile fish farms built throughout country

Cage-net fish farms are now being built in different parts of the DPRK.

The Taedonggang Fish Farming and Seed Fish Production and Supply Centre in Pyongyang established cage-net fish breeding grounds that can monitor and control in real time feed supply, water temperature and pH to breed silver carp, carp, Ryongjong fish and grass fish.

South Hamgyong Province is pushing ahead with the construction of cage-net fish farms, while laying material and technical foundations for revitalizing fish farming.

The Hapho Fish Farm in Kumya County built a cage-net fish breeding ground covering over 3 000 square metres and a microorganism producing ground this year, before paying close attention to preparing feed additives.

Other fish farms in Pukchong and Kowon counties expanded their Hermetia illucens feeding grounds and introduced an efficient method of producing protein feed so as to take thoroughgoing measures for the supply of fish feed.

North Phyongan Province also installed cage-net fish breeding grounds on a wide scale and paid attention to taking good nutritional care of breeding fishes and raising incubation rate to get a good strain of fries.

South Hwanghae, North Hamgyong and Jagang provinces take practical measures for raising the level of scientific and intensive farming of fishes after installing cage-net fish farms in tiers in rivers, lakes and reservoirs.