Disturber of peace in Middle East grows more blatant in territorial bid

The Middle East has now turned into one of the most volatile disputed areas in the world.

In the area sectarian strife, refugee crisis, conflicts between nations and extremists’ terrorist acts have continued unabated.

Most recently, a violent clash has broken out between Palestinians and ultra-right Jews and the Israeli air force made an air raid on Syria.

Peace hardly comes to the Middle East, largely because of the obstructionist moves of Zionists.

In the UN General Assembly that opened on November 29 1947 a resolution was adopted on dividing the area of Palestine into a Jewish state taking about 56 percent of the total area, an Arab state accounting for 44 percent of it and al-Quds special administrative area, manipulated by some forces seeking to dominate the Middle East by taking advantage of the Zionist movement.

At the time Arab nations neither recognized the UN resolution nor intended to allow a state of Jews who gathered from around the world to exist on the land where they had lived since time immemorial.

Under the circumstances the State of Israel was founded on May 14 1948. It sharpened antagonism between Jews and Arabs and finally the first Middle East war, also known as the Palestinian war, broke out. In the war Israel occupied about 6 700 square kilometres of the Palestinian territory with the backing of the imperialists and expelled lots of Palestinians from their native country. Since then the issue of Palestinian refugees has arisen and the Palestinian people have been compelled to wage an arduous and protracted struggle to retake the occupied territories of their country.

After the first Middle East war, Israel unleashed bloody war three times in the region with an insatiable greed for territorial expansion.

Today, Zionists have grown ever more ambitious to expand their territory.

They take no account of the UN resolutions or denunciation from the international community. A typical example is their sinister moves to have the holy places of Islam and Christianity all to themselves, which have taken place in recent years.

Israel recently launched military attacks on Syria, Lebanon and other Arab nations, aggravating the regional situation.

Facts clearly prove that Israel is the principal culprit that disturbs peace in the Middle East.