‘We’ll improve the looks of our province’

Our company has successfully completed a number of major construction projects in North Hwanghae Province including the provincial art theatre, Kyongam Cement Factory, Sariwon Primary School for Orphans, Jongbangsan Hotel and dwelling houses for scientists of the animal husbandry institute of the Academy of Agricultural Science, thus contributing to improving the appearance of the province.

In the course of this, we came up with new methods that help save materials and labour and introduced them into construction.

When we were building the Sariwon Youth Open-Air Theatre, we had to make an arched ceiling over the stage with ferroconcrete. We set up the arched steel frame by employing a new method and then placed concrete, which helped curtail budgetary expenditure.

While we were assembling the ceiling ball truss in an indoor stadium in Sariwon, we worked out a solution to a knotty problem and finished the project ahead of schedule.

The speed of construction is largely dependent on full-capacity operation of construction machinery.

The company repairs, services and reinforces its equipment regularly so as to increase the rate of operation.

It organizes an inter-workshop construction tools and implements exhibition once a year and has thousands of pieces of tools in dozens of kinds ready for use at any time.

It has its own cement factory and production bases for finishing materials such as plywood, welding rods, water glass and coating materials whose quality is so good that they are in high demand.

Its construction tools, finishing materials and furniture such as small vibrating roller, cutting machine, foamed plastic lagging panel, door, bed and stool were highly appreciated at May 21 architectural festivals and the 2019 national finishing materials exhibition.

The company holds a competition of skilled workers at different kinds of work every year to improve the general level of technical skills of its employees. As a result, some of its plasterers, welders and carpenters won prizes at the 2019 competition of skilled workers in various economic sectors.

At present, we are concentrating efforts on completing the construction of Sariwon Teachers Training College on the highest level.


Jo Yong Man, manager of the North Hwanghae provincial external construction company