City builds up material and technical foundations for fish farming

Nampho City is pressing on with the work to strengthen material and technical foundations for fish farming in a planned manner.

After building a modern fishery station in a short time which can start fish farming and culture in the sea, it is now stepping up preparations for its operation at the final stage.

A project has been undertaken to build the Nampho Fish Farm as a model.

On the basis of building a cage-net fish farm in an area of over 14 000 square metres, the city also encourages cage-net fish farming as it releases fries and manages the fish farm in a scientific and technological way.

In order to widely introduce the protein feed production method including Hermetia illucens, it laid a foundation for the production of breed fishes to supply them to specialized and other fish farms.

Taean District consolidated the production foundation of breed fish farm and Chollima and Kangso districts are working to introduce different profitable fish farming methods while overhauling fishponds and taking steps to provide enough feed.