Service worker wins respect of residents

Pak Myong Hwa, manager of the vegetable and foodstuff procurement shop in Ryongsong District, Pyongyang, is always busy.

“My mother has not always enough time. She often comes late at night after supplying fruits and vegetables to every household and when she goes to nearby farms and local areas to receive supplies. So I felt reproachful toward my mother when I was young,” said Jo Mok Ran, Pak’s daughter who attends Kim Il Sung University.

Since she set foot in the service sector, she has been out for decades to get vegetables and fruits to be supplied to residents.

She would feel unusual pride in her job as she saw the happy smile of residents, especially working married couples, after supplying them with fruits and vegetables.

Though she was busy, she regarded it as mandatory routine to take care of war veterans and disabled soldiers in the district.

Ri Yu Il, war veteran who is living in Ryonggung-dong No. 1, said that she reminded him of his true daughter when she visited his home carrying tonics and foodstuffs on major holidays.

And when his children grew up and got married to create new families, she sent them daily necessities and souvenirs with sisterly affection.

She often receives phone calls and letters of greetings from residents.

“The work of mine is not so big. I only worked with the consciousness that we are the same members of our society where everyone helps and leads one another forward,” said Pak Myong Hwa.

She was honoured with the title of meritorious person of socialist patriotism in 2019.