Nation surmounts difficulties by building up party, enhancing its leadership role

In the wake of the Eighth Party Congress, the Communist Party of Cuba is channelling big efforts into strengthening the party and enhancing its leadership role.

According to the Cuban party organ Granma, Miguel Mario Diaz-Canel Bermudez, first secretary of the CPC Central Committee, stressed the need to do so on several occasions.

Saying that it is very important to strengthen primary party organizations at the Havana provincial party meeting, which was convened as part of an effort to discuss the fulfilment of decisions of the party congress by carrying on the spirit of the Eighth Party Congress on June 4, he stressed that only when the party’s moral authority is consolidated, can people’s troubles be resolved satisfactorily and successes achieved in its work.

He said that primary party organizations, especially cells, are like the pathfinder that holds frank, open and free discussions, free from arbitrariness and prejudice, mobilizes the masses and improves the party work.

Though the country is now in a difficult situation, the Cubans will have to fully acquire a viewpoint that nothing will be able to check its advance and plunge its people in pessimism, he said, adding they should give full play to their creative power, keep advancing and win victory, not confining themselves to resisting the enemies’ offensive, by relying on their own efforts and wisdom.

He noted that the internal work of the party should be strengthened in order to make the party organization fulfil the role as vanguard. The most important thing is to prepare all cadres thoroughly and help cadres have a cordial talk with people, he said. He also stressed the need for party organizations to resolve knotty social problems by rousing public organizations, help the work of administrative units at all levels and properly do the work with youth.

He also underscored the need to root out bureaucracy in the party work.

He pointed out this at the Cienfuegos provincial party meeting which was held on June 3 as part of efforts to continuously carry forward the spirit of the Eighth Party Congress.

He added that party members and revolutionaries should sensitively accept party decisions and apply them to the party work so that they could successfully break through the obstacles and challenges facing the country with the people.

The efforts of the Cuban party and government to carry out the decisions of the Eighth Party Congress by strengthening the party and enhancing its leadership role will bear good fruit.