Company alleviates power shortage with renewables

As the development of renewable resources gathers momentum all over the country, the Sinhung IT Company of Nampho City has established an energy-saving power production system.

The system can generate enough necessary electric power at any time of the day and night by using renewables.

The company began to concentrate on renewable energy sources in 2014.

At first, it solved the power shortage by setting up a power production system driven by diesel oil or gasoline. But it cost much and polluted the environment.

While groping for a solution to the problem, it came to turn their attention to the units using natural energy resources.

“It is the worldwide trend to positively exploit renewable resources which are free from environmental pollution and eco-friendly. In our Nampho City alone, many units generate power by using renewables. For example, the Ryongnam Dockyard built a wind turbine long ago and has long benefitted from it,” said director O Kwan Ho.

The company first built an independent solar power generation system.

In the system the electric power produced with solar panels is stored in batteries to be used.

In the beginning power generation increased, but the system needed storage batteries and the company had to pay a lot of money for their purchase and maintenance.

To remedy the shortcomings of this system it developed a power stabilization device which can provide constant voltage and frequency regardless of the changing sunshine.

Later, it bought several small wind turbines to adopt a double power supply system.